Josephine Cancel

Josephine Cancel Founder of JC Inspires International and JC Inspires Foundation, is the creator and manufacturer of JC Inspires International grown into its very own entity. primarily is Josephine's medicinal skin care line that features soaps, lotions, creams and ointments. Josephine's skin care line is completely 100% organic, formulated by Josephine herself and 100% handmade. Some of the incredible ingredients that are found in her formulas include Coconut, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Honey and CBD oil. 

The birth of JC healing was inspired through some tough moments in Josephine's life and through medical examinations. She was diagnosed with a type of Arthritis that caused her immense levels of pain, however, she was determined to not have to rely on medications and medical treatments throughout the rest of her life due to this life-long medical condition. Josephine sought out natural remedies that could alleviate her of her symptoms. After doing some research and running her own experiments with herself being the main test subject, over the timeframe of 2 whole years, Josephine found her miracle formula that not only alleviated her pain, but was able to use her formula for other not so debilitating conditions such as dry skin, sensitive skin and even aging skin. 


Josephine created this medicinal skin care line with the sole purpose of finding remedies for her own condition and had no intention of creating a skin care line for sale to the general public. Through her natural empathy, generosity ,she found several different people who she gifted certain products to who were in need and was blown away by how much positive feedback she was receiving. Most of the people actually came knocking at her door to purchase more of her products because they found her formulas to be miraculous. It was through this wonderful response from the few people who she helped that inspired her to make and sell her formula to be able to help other people in need of some pain relief. Josephine's generosity is so great that her products are sold for very reasonable low prices and mainly uses those funds to simply make more of her products to continue to sell and help people with similar conditions as her.


She born in  Dominican Republic  she comes to live to USA  in 2007 , she is a  wife,  a mother , grandmother a business women  and philanthropist , she grow spiritually the same way her health improve  in the right way. She explain that  CBD  is for her is like a miracle  because  she   Finded an organic way to improve her life   Free of pain.


 She  wants to share her history to inspire others to follow  her steps and her journey Josephine was born to help people and through her medicinal lotions, creams and more, she can do exactly that. With your support, not only will you benefit from her amazing products, but you will also be supporting a small business that is trying to make a difference in the world. We thank you kindly for your time and support in considering us for your organic skin care needs.  

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