GG's  Extreme Moisturizer contains natural organic Shea Butter and other skin essential vitamins oils.

This amazing moisturizer is beneficial for dry skin, stretch marks and skin discoloration.  Use in affected areas as recommended on label . Results may vary.


Image to the left demonstrate how one of our users used our lotion to help tone his neck discoloration.

Organic Honey Balm can help treat 

 psoriasis (A skin condition marked by red, itchy scaly patches) . Our customer   used the balm twice a day for a period of 4 months. The balm helped to heal the red, itchy patches, giving relief and confidence. 

Our best seller and first product is this therapeutic balm with menthol and CBD. The relaxing salve also know as the miracle salve  has real and  amazing results.  This product has helped many to improve their quality of life by reducing constant aches and pains .

We provide 3 different strengths to meet your pain needs. Use daily as recommended on label.