My Name is Josephine Cancel, and  I would like to share the story of my health journey. I would like to give you a personal insight into how and why I began JC Inspires.
             I began working my first full-time job at 17 and have worked every day since then. I shortly then started a long journey of my university career that lasted six years due to financial issues, busy work hours, and the arrival of my three beautiful daughters, my greatest blessing. These times were very challenging as I became very ill with every pregnancy. I developed many complications that made it hard to attend university or work. My finances were hard and my daughters' father was not making the situation any better for me.
            Even though I faced many health challenges throughout the pregnancy and the new motherhood journey, I never gave up, and less now that I had to care for my girls. With my girls in mind, I tried to focus more on my health to be there for them. I went to the doctor and began the needed treatment. I took all the medications they recommended because I just wanted to be the mother that I needed to be. While things did get better for some time, three small girls were not making this easy for me to recover quickly. The constant need to care for them on my own was taking a big toll and my health once again declined greatly. I suffered from extreme fatigue, anemia, joint pain, blackouts, and sudden weight fluctuations among many other symptoms.
            While I fought my battles with my health, I was always there for my girls and never gave up. In 2007 I met my current husband and decided it was time to move to the united states. The transition from everything I knew; to my way of life back in the Dominican Republic completely changed. Instead of seeing this as a challenge, I saw it as an opportunity to give myself and my daughters a better future. I had to adjust and learn how to properly treat the lack of energy, and other health problems I carried with me. As hard as I tried to better my health and life, some days were hard. There were days when the pain knocked me down; I would be stuck in bed for days. My daughters and my husband would have to care for me as I became incapable of even getting up and doing anything for myself. These hard times defeated me, seeing how my daughters who were all younger than 16 had to bathe and care for their mother. I felt disappointed because my daughters had to care for me instead of me caring for them.
            My health was constantly going up and down. I had good and bad days, many doctor visits and so many diagnoses of possible illnesses or explanations as to what was causing these bedridden days.
It wasn’t until after 2014 that doctors diagnosed me with goiter hyperthyroidism, fibromyalgia,  fibroids in my uterus, and arthritis of the spine. While these were hard-to-hear diagnoses it gave me some hope knowing that there was a cure and solution and it meant good health was coming very soon. After the needed treatments I began to see big improvement in both my mental and physical health.
            Through the years of recovery, I decided to change my lifestyle for the better. I began looking for natural alternatives to medicine, changed my diet, did detox cleanses, and practiced acupuncture and massages. Through this journey, I discovered CBD and its many greats attribute.
            After finding CBD I became a new woman and began to experiment with ways how I could use it to help myself and others that were experiencing similar health challenges. I knew what it was like to experience pain, so I wanted to make something that could help manage it. I constantly made homemade concoctions with all different oils and pain relief creams trying to make the perfect combination that would help me. I used the knowledge I had of CBD and other great organic products and learned how to make balms. Through lots of trial and error and about 2 years of work, I was able to make the perfect formula for what is now my best-selling relaxing salve. I saw the potential my salve had and I began to share it with my friends and family, seeing the amazing results I decided to share my solution with others. I began production of my Salve I mass form and learn business strategies along the way, I also developed other balms and creams through time. All my products are made with love and with a story, I have made them intending to manage aches and pain and improve the quality of my skin. I hope that My products continue to provide the needed relief for others.